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One on One

$1700 (+ GST)  6x 1.5 hr sessions

6 mentoring meetings designed to help you stay on track and remain focused.


Keeping you accountable as you take your creative business to its next stage.

Casual Coaching 

$270 (+ GST) for 1.5hr session

If all you need is an occasional bit of assistance or someone to talk to. 

Group Coaching 

$818 (+ GST) for 8x 2hr virtual sessions

Small group environment: 


Define your 'why' and target audience.

Refine your marketing message.

Get clarity on your scope of services, fee proposals, pricing strategy. 

Understand T&C's  and legalities 

Strategy Session 

$1350 (+ GST) for the day


Discover the breakdown or block that is holding you back from achieving your dream business and then develop a clear strategy, with actionable steps to fix it!

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